Summer Program

St. Michael Childcare is pleased to announce that we offer a Summer Childcare Program.

During your child's time at St. Michael Childcare Summer Program he or she will have the opportunity to experience the following:
  • Engage in interactive lesson plans
  • Tune into their creative side by dabbling in daily art projects
  • Become a steward of the world by engaging in weekly acts of “Help” and kindness
  • Engage their inner "Iron Chef" by participating in our weekly "Cooking Mamma and Papa" class.  
  • Children will release energy in our weekly outdoor bike days/water days.
  • Children will unleash their thirst for knowledge when we go on various field trips throughout the summer. 
Sample Week (Our Summer Program is eleven weeks long and has a different theme every day).
Monday: Dress up for a cause day
Tuesday: Mama/Papa cooking show
Wednesday: Field trip day
Thursday: Animal planet day
Friday: Water day or bike day (rotates each week)

Please see below for more information about our Summer Program.